Happy New Year!

“ The other day as I was cleaning and organizing my library I came across a small bible that I used to carry around in my youth. When I picked it up a little paper with 7 wishes fell on the floor.  I had written these wishes over 30 years ago.  As I read each wish I realized that I never saw any of those wishes come to pass. I had hope for these wishes to become a reality every New Year.  After a while; I kind of forgot about them. Some became less important as I grew older. But the one that still stays in me is my desire to perform, create, express and share my music. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to live out of what we musicians and artists love to do the most? In reality that is not the way it goes. Sometimes we set goals and wish that we have that “break” right? Sometimes we land a great gig and the same way it came it goes away. As I reflect in many of my “unanswered wishes” I realized that many of them are not answer in a year or two. Some will take a lifetime. As heartbreaking this maybe; is the passion and the desire to accomplish a goal what keep us growing and make us feel alive! So; I am sending a special prayer to all musicians and performers out there who may feel like me. Instead of wishing that all our dreams come true in the New Year I am wishing that our passion, our faith, our creativity and the desire to inspire others with our music never dies.   I am wishing that these dreams and goals take the time required to blossom and come to pass. In this way we will not feel that our dreams and hopes never happened! SO TO ALL OF YOU I AM WISHING HAPPY RENEWED YEAR!!!”

 Suzzette Ortiz New Year’s Wish